Costa Rica

 Having made my 1st trip to Costa Rica in June of 2009, my last in April of 2018 and 4 times in between one could say I became sort of obsessed with the place. And with all that said I have only experienced a portion of the beautiful country and it wasn't until recently that I grown into and became extremely passionate about Fine Art Photography...

On my 1st trip to Costa Rica I was just looking for some beautiful beaches, warm water and some fun waves. At the time photography was the furthest thing from my mind but all my trips to Costa Rica have defiantly had an influence on me what is a growing passion for photography.

One of the reasons why Costa Rica is world renown for its beaches is it is very dense in its naturally beautiful and rugged habitat. Having coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific definitely adds to its uniquely rich in beauty 

Matapolo is a small, laid-back beach town located at the tip of the Osa Peninsula in the southern portion of Puntarenas, Costa Rica where the sun rises out at the sea and has endless opportunities for photography

Among the many beautiful sites to see are the 4 different species of monkeys. Pictured here is the white face that is distinct in appearance from other Costa Rican & Central American primates: they have a black body with a white upper chest and shoulders, and a white face with a black cap on top of their head. 

Rounding out the Matapalo photography we have the King Louis Waterfall, which is an amazing hike up through two waterfalls before getting to the third and final one. And as someone who spends most of their time by the beach it was definitely an experience I will never forget and to end up with one of my favorite Costa Rica photos of all time was just a bonus.

I was fortunate enough to have been drawn to this little town named Playa Dominical in the southern end of Costa Rica that's known for its raw power of waves, diverse gathering of people throughout the town and its beautiful scenery. Put it all together and I am in Love.

I've spent most my time in the Puntarenas Province (pictured above) that's located in the western part of the country. It covers most of Costa Rica's Pacific coast and Boards Panama. But I was fortunate enough to make it up to Guanacaste (pictured below) which is located in the northwestern region, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean bordering Nicaragua.

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